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Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

Rs. 12,000 should be given to each family through Ehsan Emergency Cash Program. SMS service 8171 was launched for the benefit of families benefiting from Ehsan Emergency Cash Program. Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020 – SMS Service 8171 introduces how to apply complete information.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan today (May 2, 2021) will inaugurate the Employment Program 2020 for the (needy) unemployed people of Pakistan who are facing a lockdown crisis due to the novel Corona virus.

The Prime Minister will launch the Employment Program Portal from where all the unemployed can register. Rupee cash will be handed over to 12,000 people through Ehsan Emergency Cash for those who quit their jobs during crises across the country.

Ehsas Kifalat’s ‘8171 Service’ has been officially launched. To find out about eligible families joining the program, visit our 13-digit National SMS to ID card number 8171 and follow the instructions received through reply SMS.

Ehsan Emergency Cash Program
Ehsan Emergency Cash Program

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Just days after the announcement of the emergency cash program, the federal government has started registering regularly. Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched an SMS service that will connect deserving families to the official emergency cash database. Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

Ehsan Kafalat Program 2021

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If your employment has been affected by the current situation and someone in your family has been affected by the Emergency Cash Program 12000 If you have not received Rs. Assistance, register here to avail assistance from the Prime Minister’s Code Relief Fund

Request for assistance from PM’s Code-19 Relief Fund

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We’ve compiled some information for your convenience by reviewing your questions on social media accounts. If you feel the need for emergency cash assistance or know someone in need, send an ID card number to 8171. The last date to send an SMS is April 19 at 12 midnight

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New update of Ehsan Emergency Cash Program
New update of Ehsan Emergency Cash Program

If you have received this Emergency Cash SMS that you will be notified about eligibility after data check, please wait for another SMS from us within 8171 within ten days. Will receive

Get 12000 EhsasCash
Get 12000 EhsasCash

If you have received a message from Ehsas Emergency Cash about the eligibility of your parents or spouse and they have passed away, you can call 080026477. The main reason for the eligibility message issued in the name of the deceased is that their heirs No deaths were recorded in the records

If your fingerprints are not biometrically verified at the time of payment, you will need to verify with the nearest NADRA office. NADRA offices will be opened for your convenience

People whose ID cards have expired after September 1, 2019 can receive money based on their old ID cards.

Remember that in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan you can collect money through designated retailers of Habib Bank while in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir you can collect money from designated retailers of Bank Al-Falah.

If you reside in a district or province that is different from the address listed on your ID card, you can obtain payment information from banks designated for payment in any other district or province by receiving a payment via biometric verification by showing the payment SMS. can

For example, if your ID card address is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and you are currently in Karachi, you can go to any branch of Bank Al-Falah and get information about withdrawing money in Karachi.

Preachers of Ehsas Kifalat program will start receiving SMS of Rs. 12000 on Friday at 8 am. In the first phase, the women who were getting BISP money will get the money.
In the second phase (a few days later) 8171 people will get 12000 rupees. From tomorrow, Ehsas Emergency Cash Program InshaAllah messages will start coming on your mobile.
The people who received the message from the people will get the message on the same number from which the ID card was sent, so it is your duty to send a message to the people of your neighborhood Chak to send a message to them. There will be money in the name, there will be no money without his biometric thumbprint.
Secondly, when the money message arrives, you will be told the date as well as the date on which you can receive the money. To reduce the rush, people can also be given a date at the union council level that you can receive money on this date. Even without seeing the date, it will reach the shops and banks, so share this message so that our mothers and sisters are not humiliated, because they will get the money on the day you receive the message.

The government’s Ehsas Emergency Cash Program will begin today and aid money is being distributed to deserving families.

Under the Ehsas program, centers have been set up in various government schools for the beneficiaries which will be open from 8 am to 5 pm. Bank staff including the education department has been deployed for the distribution of relief funds. Each deserving family will be given 12000 after biometric verification. A grant of Rs. Is being provided, centers have been set up near the homes of deserving women for their convenience.

The money is being disbursed through government-run centers and private bank ATMs. According to officials, all measures have been taken to maintain the transparency of the Ehsas program and to protect it from the corona virus. So far, 44 million messages have been received through SMS service on 8171 to seek help.

Funds will be provided from 17,000 locations across the country. In the first phase, assistance will be provided to 2.3 million families. Rs. 144 billion will be distributed over the next two and a half weeks. A total of 12 million families will receive money under this program. Will be provided.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is no political interference in Ehsas program. Under Ehsas relief program, one person from each family will get this assistance. Corona Relief Tiger Force should work at district, tehsil and union council level. She will identify the poor and help solve their problems.

The Tiger Force will register the poor via SMS on 8171 under the Ehsas program, which will be responsible for providing food and groceries to the people in the event of a lockdown in any area.

Special Social Security Assistant Dr. Sania Nishtar said that the remittance will be done after biometric verification, SMS service has been started to identify the beneficiaries, National Identity Card number should be sent to 8171, SMS will go through 15 stages, each stage. SMS notification will come on, in case of any problem you can call 080026477 helpline, the government has given 8171 Has announced the abolition of SMS service charges.

In response to the largest social security initiative ever in Pakistan’s history, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Emergency Cash Initiative. From 12 million families (72 million people) Rs. 12,000 each. The total cost is 144 billion.

Dr Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Security, said the purpose of the emergency cash program was to benefit deserving families. An SMS service 8171 has been launched.

Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020
Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

Speaking on a program on Radio Pakistan on Wednesday, Dr. Sania Nishtar said that the 150 150 billion program was the largest social security program in the country for poor families suffering from a coronary virus. Is

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The Special Assistant added that eligibility for the second tier would be a “softening upward” as people who had previously earned Rs 20,000 and “now suffered financial trauma and financial trauma” and their support Will be Entering the database, he clarified.

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How to apply for Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020?

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Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

Who can apply?

According to one of their statements, each family member can apply for one. However, the following people will not be eligible.

  1. Those who do not have the correct CNIC.
  2. Current and former government (federal or provincial) employees and their spouses.
  3. In the recent past, he has traveled abroad.
  4. Who are registered in another aid scheme under the federal government.
  5. Those who own property.
  6. There is a bill of more than Rs. 200 on utility bills. 10,000
  7. Those who have mobile bills of one thousand rupees or more. 1,000
  8. Those who have a passport or have applied for themselves and their spouse.
  9. Three or more family members took advantage of CNIC with an executive fee.
Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020
Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

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There are three types in 10 million. (1) 4.5 lakh current Ehsan Beneficiaries of sponsorship (all women) already have Rs. An additional Rs. 2000 will be given. 1000 emergency aid for next 4 months (total = Rs. 3000). Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

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Under this program, a cash grant of Rs. 500,000 will be given to the family members.

The Assistant Special said that those wishing to benefit from the program should send their National Identity Card to SMS code 8171, which has been open since Wednesday evening.

He said that Ehsan Ration Platform has also been launched to provide food rations to the poor. He added that at least 35,000 families and more than 600 donors have registered on the online platform. Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

Screening process

Earlier in a TV interview, Dr Sania had said that she had a comprehensive system for tracking applications from proportionate people.

With the help of NADRA, we created two layers of people in our National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) database. In the first layer, aggregate filtering based on various parameters, such as their holdings, goods and bank balances will identify people’s wealth. Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

How to receive money

People who go through the first layer will be identified as ‘defective’ in the system and will be considered eligible for the relief fund. After the due process, the system will send them a message with all the details of which bank to go to to get their emergency money back. Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020

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Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020
Ehsan Emergency Cash Program 2020
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